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Happy International Old People Day, Youngins!
It's officially the first day of October, a day for many things, but also the International Day of Older Persons! The holiday was founded by the United Nations in 1991, and is a day to pay some respect to the older people in your community.

But this is the Funny Community. So it's also a Day of Crazy Old People Memes.

Big-ups to the granny who learned how to twerk.

(Also, I've decided the old lady in the yellow cardigan is @nicolejb when she hits her 70s.)

And these crutches? They're the lamest dance partner ever!

Sailor Grandpa! You're a little weird! But I still respect you!

Bahaha, this one is @ButterflyBlu for sure. GET LOW, GRANDMA STACEY, GET LOW!!!

"This is how we canceled cable subscriptions in my day!"


(I sort of feel horrible, but at the same time, I honestly can't stop rewatching and laughing.)


(This one is Old Man @GalaxyTacoCat.)

So THANK YOU, old people, for all of the laughs, the wisdom, and the Werther's Original butterscotch. This is YOUR day, so have a good one!

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hahaha I didn't know you had to break the tv to cancel a subscription back then
2 years ago·Reply
@jokes It's true. You just didn't know because you weren't there.
2 years ago·Reply
@danidee yes.I can definitely see myself doing that at 90.And we'll still be on vingle...somehow
2 years ago·Reply
@TerrecaRiley except it'll be the future and we'll be able to Vingle with our minds.
2 years ago·Reply
@danidee hahaa...ur a genius!
2 years ago·Reply