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It was so hard narrowing my list down!!! haha @kpopandkimchi
The Brains: Rap Mon from BTS (but I think everyone else also chose him haha)
The Muscle: Bi Rain... did you see him in Ninja Assassin? ! ? ! He definitely would be on my team
The Scaredy Cat: J Hope from BTS and it will also help to have him lighten the mood with one of his dance moves haha
of course the love of my life had to be on my team as The Protector Hwang Chansung of 2pm because he's also a black belt and he's the love of my life and he's amazing and he's got nice muscles and most importantly. .. if we needed to repopulate after the apocalypse. .. well you get where I'm going haha
My Secret Weapon : Wang Jackson of Got7 ... I think this picture explains it all haha
And finally my Co-captain Amber Liu of f(x)Because she's awesome!
I think we would kick some serious Zombie ass lol
Nice. I'm enjoying looking at other's teams. Chansung is a good choice. I have my 2PM bias, Taecyeon, on team.
bahahahahah the last gif!!!!
@JaxomB haha My Love had to be on my team, of course. I will have to check yours out. I've enjoyed looking at the other teams as well!
@kpopandkimchi haha I love that movie