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Marijuana is a little plant that people can grow from mother earth. It's a natural anti-anxiety medication and a pass-time for lots of young and old Americans. It's illegal in many states including South Dakota, home of the Santee Sioux Tribe.
The 400 member Native American troupe has many enterprises including a casino, hotel and ranch.
And come New Year's Eve of 2015...they'll own America's only "Marijuana Resort."
Flandreau, South Dakota is a place known for its Native American roots. And its most prosperous tribe is about to make more money than they've ever dreamed.
Because there's a lot of damn potheads in our great nation.
America's first "Marijuana Resort" or as I like to call it "Ganja Den" is set to open New Years Eve of this year...and yeah, it's going to be a pretty big party.
The tribe has been permitted to grow the green stuff despite weed being Illegal in South Dakota. So every South Dakota high school stoner and college-age hippie is going to line up at the reservation gate for a bit of the 'ol puff puff pass come the new year.
The ganja den will feature a lounge, bar, food, slot machines and its very own music venue. You better believe it'll become a tour stop for a lot of musicians.
Tribe president Anthony Reider spoke with the Associated Press boasting about the innovation of the marijuana resort concept. "There's nowhere else in America like this."
And he's right. Most marijuana dispensaries are highly regulated and only available for use via medical card. This is a completely free enterprise. That means, you can go there to smoke weed for no fucking reason at all...and it's legal.
An initiative was passed by the Department of Justice citing the venture as a legitimate business venture.
The green stuff will be sold one gram at a time for 12 to 15 dollars depending on strength and strain.

Profits are estimated at over 2 MILLION DOLLARS in the first month.

Yep, the government will definitely want a piece of those profits. Isn't that the American way?

So, people of the US, would you visit the weed resort?

They should definitely have an open snack bar! XD
@TessStevens I think they could double their profit in sales of Doritos
But in all seriousness, the Native Americans treated weed as a spiritual thing in which they only smoked with people they trusted and were part of the same tribe. It's kind of sad how lightly people treat it and undermine their culture!
This is the greatest thing I've heard today! I'm def visiting when I get a chance haha
Yeah it's looking a bit subversive right now but hey! It's an ongoing debate. The fact that it's even in the news draws awareness so that's great! @mchlyang
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