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Weirdest Places I Have Kissed A Boy: A Confession
Guys, I've got something I need to get off my chest.
I've kissed a whole bunch of boys, and in some pretty weird places, too. NOT like that, @InPlainSight! (see this card for evidence of IPS's dirty mind)
Some of the weirdest places I've ever kissed someone are...

A closet in the university student center.

All the juicy details here. My mistakes are your entertainment.

A dark alley behind a private residence.

It was an... interesting decision.

My parents’ bathroom.

Oh god. I don't want to think about this one too hard.

Trespassing in a park after midnight.

Yes, we were caught by the police, and yes, I was not entirely decent when he knocked on the window of my car. Oy.

A sweaty basement party at my ex’s house.

Where's the weirdest place you've got it on? I can't be the only person whose life is this embarrassing...
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