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Kagerou Cosplay
From Inu X Boku SS. Cosplayer unknown.
"Sadist! Masochist!" Kagerou Shoukiin (青鬼院蜻蛉 Shōkiin Kagerō) is Karuta Roromiya's master, the former master of Soushi Miketsukami, and the childhood friend of Banri Watanuki and Zange Natsume. Arrogant, eccentric, controlling and loud, Kagerou is a narcissist with a flair for drama. He can be quite a gentleman but you rarely see this side of him. He is shown to be quite sadistic, as he enjoys treating Karuta like a pet and refers to others as though they are inferior, such as calling them "human toilets" or "pigs". He believes that the world and everything in it exist in two flavors: sadism and masochism, and takes every opportunity to make this clear. Because of this, he is considered a great annoyance by the residents of Ayakashi Kan. (inuxbokuss.wikia.com)
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