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Follow Up: Marvel Mad Libs Extravaganza!

We made it weird Marvelers.

The final result of our hilarious Mad Lib on Monday is here. You can read our nefarious story below:
One bogus afternoon, Captain America and Black Widow were spanking through New York City. They were on their way to get a cat when they heard the ugliest sound. "Time for some fun," said Natasha, smirking. Steve rolled his eyes. "Sure, fun," he muttered. They casually walked from the car, chasing the source of the sound.
When they reached Times Square, the streets were covered in slimy kimchi. Tourists were a-wassailing and percolating from the scene. At the center of the square was a meowing tentacle monster!
"Is this normal?" Cap said, prancing up at it. "I feel like New York has changed so much it's hard to tell anymore."
Natasha shrugged. "I've seen worse," she tossed the words over her shoulder as she fell into action. Steve groaned.
"That doesn't answer my question."
He waded into the fray, knitting at the monster's lips with his butt. Natasha was right beside him, using her drawing and high-security database hacking skills to take the monster by surprise. They were holding their own, but it wasn't enough.
"Do we need to call backup," Cap asked, balancing.
"Nah, I got this," Natasha grinned.
She killed into the air, aiming for the ass of the beast with her sword. The perfectly lined up shot resulted in a direct hit. With a gurgle, the creature fell. Slime oozed all over the sidewalk. Steve looked around at the damage.
"Well. It's not as sleazy as I remember it."
Many thanks to @loftonc16 @amobigbang @CandaceJordan @YoSoySoysauce @animechild51 @ChibiFox @DanaMichelle and @danidee for contributing to this HILARIOUS mad lib. You're all honorary members of The Avengers now.

Join us next week for another awesome Mad Lib adventure!

I'm sorry I couldn't fit all of your amazing ideas in, we'll just have to make 'em happen next time!
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