2 years ago10,000+ Views's October and you know what that means:


Man do I love this holiday. It's by far my favorite. The ghouls and goblins come out to play, fall is in full swing and all things horror are in style!
I'd love to invite you guys to my new collection: 31 Days of Halloween where every day on Vingle we can talk about our favorite Halloween traditions, exchange costume ideas and share our love for the best holiday ever!
We'll be counting down to the glorious Halloween holiday with a creepy new card every day, helping you with everything from costumes, parties and snacks to film recommendations, spooky music and more! So get ready!!!!!!

I'm going to kick this off with a few spooky nail designs you can rock all month long!

These pumpkins actually look like they're glowing on your nail! Perfect for a dark Halloween party.

These skulls could be worn year-round in my opinion. They're pretty trendy.

These minimalist mummies are easy to do with a thin, wispy technique.

Get greusome with these Friday the 13th themed slasher nails. The Jason mask is clutch right?

Black cats are Halloween chic. This is a look that requires skill and patience, but makes for an awesome look.

Add some sparkle to your spook with this candy coated nail look.

Use your nails as a tribute to your favorite skeleton...Jack from A Nightmare Before Christmas.

You could also go classy with this zombi-fied French tip.

These monstrous nails can stay on trend with seasonal colors or fashionable ones. It's your choice!

Last but not least get ghostly glowing nails for your Halloween night. You'll never get lost!

Which design do you like best?

And what kind of cards would you like to see in the new [31 Days of Halloween] Collection!???

Let me know and I hope you're as excited as I am for the spookiest time of the year!!
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Remember there will be a new card in honor of Halloween every day!
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@TessStevens I've only seen these in movies,cartoons,books and pics.I've never had it.I'll send my address...
@TerrecaRiley that makes me so sad. :( We love candy corn at our house! Now they have it in different flavors, too. I like the caramel apple kind, so we just pour it all into a jar and mix them up. :)
stop please please stop!@ButterflyBlu *assuming fetal position in a corner *
Awwww! @TerrecaRiley I will send you some, too. Then, you can mix them up! ^.^
@ButterflyBlu yay!!I'm out of the corner now \o/