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Ohhh this one. It's messing with my heart. NOT ONE DAESUNGIE!!?!?! WHY PHONE!!! 😤😤😤 Of course TOP is my best friend. OF COURSE HE IS ☺️☺️☺️ Oh? And I like him as well? WELL YUH DUH PHONE. Ahh, but that sweet pea Taeyang be liking this *motions sexy self* hehe but no! I can't sweet pea Taeyang, cause this booty needs to get ready for her date with TOP! 😍 But apparently I can't help it and go on a cruise with Taeyang because dood c'mon. BUT THEN I HAVE A KID WITH SEUNGRI! WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED!?!! Oh lord, then Jiyongie becomes my boyfriend. WHAT AM I DOING HNNNGGGGG so yeah I assume this is why SEUNGRI is jealous eh? But then my BFF, my love, TOP, writes me the ultimate of love songs because why wouldn't he AND THEN I MARRY HIM BECAUSE IT WAS MEANT TO BE! I knew it. 😜❤️ Man these are so funny hahahahahaha @AimeeH you are the best for doing these! 😆❤️😆❤️
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@MeeshellBuchan oh my gosh I love this!! ^●^ Thank you dear!! Thank you for participating as well! I am so glad you're enjoying them ^●^