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You Don't Have to Go to an Anime Convention to Cosplay

It's easily to believe that the only place you can cosplay is at an anime convention. Guess what? That's totally not true! If you don't have an anime con in your area, or you want to start with something small, try cosplaying at one of these places instead :)

1. Anime / Gaming / Whatever Club!

Are you in a club that's part of the general fandom that hooks into cosplay? (Like anime, gaming, movies, manga, comics, whatever!) Or, is there one near by? You can even search on meetups.com or Facebook to find a reliable anime meet up group that fits your age and fandom best :)
Cosplaying at places like this is awesome for a few reasons:
• the people there will APPRECIATE it
• it'll be a small audience
• you can cosplay a character you might not get a chance to do elsewhere
• you can cosplay even when there's not a con coming up!

2. Culture Day!

These days, a lot of towns and cities have "culture days," often focused on either Asian or Japanese culture. Some even have Comic Days! Does your city have some sort of Sakura Festival? Or maybe a Japanese Culture Day? Take this opportunity to dress up!
Now, I know there are people would who think "but cosplay isn't all Japan is," and they're totally right: but anime is a huge part of some Japanese people's lives, and a lot of people with interest in Japanese culture also love anime. So why not?!
You'll be able to:
• Eat yummy food in cosplay
• Take cool pictures at the festival (especially if it's a cherry blossom festival!)
• Meet people who love the same culture and things you do
• Feel welcomed by people who LIKE what you're doing
• Learn more about Japan or whatever the day is themed around!

3. A One-Day Con

People usually think of Anime Conventions as "the big ones" like Otakon, Katsucon, Anime Midwest, whatever. These cons are huge time and $$$ commitments, and not everyone can attend them.
Many areas, though, have small one day conventions. These are usually very cheap (under 30 dollars) and you don't have to pay for a hotel if it's nearby! It's the perfect time to test out your cosplay, or to get to cosplay if you usually don't get a chance to do so.
If you go to a one-day con, you can:
• Make new friends!
• Save money while still cosplaying!
• Not have to convince your parents to let you travel out of town / stay over night somewhere else!
• Take pictures with other cosplayers, maybe even from your same fandom!

4. Stay at Home with Friends!

Look, you might think this is lame, but if you aren't going to go to a convention, or maybe you're new to cosplaying and you don't want to go out yet, try this!
Invite your cosplaying friend over, and both of you get ready as if you're going out! Grab a camera, and take pics like you're having your own personal photoshoot. Hit up a local park, or just stay at home and take in-character pictures there.
I have friends that do this pretty often, because why put in all that effort to cosplay to ONLY where it at conventions?!
If you try cosplaying at home, you can:
• Save ALLLLL the $$$$
• Get to wear your cosplay more often
• Feel really comfortable at home with friends
• Take as many pictures as you want without getting embarrassed
• Eat all the food in your house without having to pay for it
• Practice poses so you're ready for your next convention

So! Get out there, and just COSPLAY!

I was inspired to write this card after @SerebroVoron00 and a few others mentioned to me that they are having trouble really getting comfortable in cosplaying, and not knowing how to move forward.
This is how you do it! Just start small, and work your way up to bigger things. Remember, even if you don't have them in your immediate vicinity, there are TONS of cosplayers out there who are ready to support you!!!!
Bye-bye for now~~! <3
I've actually cosplayed to school a few times. the first few times it was for a costume day so it wasn't too weird (everyone thought we were cool) and then my cosplay group all cosplayed on the last day of school and it was totally awesome and memorable!
@AngelusLapis Yes I have!
have you gone to otakon before?
@zayrechan thats awesome!! I feel like if you have a group to support you, cosplaying anywhere can be done without feeling too nervous too!
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