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If you controlled the Big Two... what would you do?

While I'm definitely leaning more towards Marvel now, the truth is that I have a lot of love for ALL the comic book heroes! What can I say? I don't like picking sides!

Imagine a perfect world.

One where you could combine all of your favorite elements from both Marvel and DC. Would you have Quicksilver race The Flash to see who is faster? Have Wonder Woman take Thor out for drinks so they can discuss what it's like to be a god? Make Loki battle Batman? The possibilities are endless.
Cyborg helps Iron Man to build a new suit, Loki and Green lantern work on their new green costumes, Superman and Hulk starts a Gymnasium , dart competition between arrow and hawkeye, Gambler and Chance starts a casino, Weather Wizard takes Storm for a dinner in rain forest.
@shannonl5 just get iron man to hack batman's computer and let deadpool do the dirty work lol!
@otakukpopgirl omg YES. Like super mario smash bros except with comic book characters!!!!
@shannonl5 yes I would it would be bad ass. it would also be awesome if the creators of Mortal Kombat could make a Marvel Universe vs DC Universe video game that would be epic
@otakukpopgirl would you ever want to do a Marvel?Dc crossover?
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