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If you controlled the Big Two... what would you do?

While I'm definitely leaning more towards Marvel now, the truth is that I have a lot of love for ALL the comic book heroes! What can I say? I don't like picking sides!

Imagine a perfect world.

One where you could combine all of your favorite elements from both Marvel and DC. Would you have Quicksilver race The Flash to see who is faster? Have Wonder Woman take Thor out for drinks so they can discuss what it's like to be a god? Make Loki battle Batman? The possibilities are endless.
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@LAVONYORK I would pay good money for that
@shannonl5 just get iron man to hack batman's computer and let deadpool do the dirty work lol!
@shannonI5 Joker vs deadpool would be fun. I would lovebto see nighting andbthe titans team up with the avengers + bucky. winterraven would be kinda sexy i think. #notawinterswidowfan
@Krystalstar22 ooooh yeah I could totally see that. And tbh I didn't like WinterWidow until I read the comics. It doesn't really gel with the characterization of the films at all but the comics make a little more sense. I love the idea of WinterRaven though I could totally get into that
@shannonI5 I'm not a huge fan of WinterWidow. It doesn't flow well for me. also, inlike him with my OC to much. yeah, WinterRaven I could totally see. Especially post Trigon incident.