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All About Love <3 Gif Challenge
You love to challenge my authority don't you @B1A4BTS5ever ? I will show you child. You. Shall. Not. PASS!!! Just kidding lol ^^
So, when you think of love, what comes to your mind?
Have you ever been in love?
One gif that describes your ex. (Or 4 cuz I do what I want XD)
What attracts you to the opposite sex?
What is your current dating situation?
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I love the let me love you gif!! omg
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i LOVE this car haha, i'm going to try and see what I can do to do this one.
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@LiNaHyun lol only if I can love you in return!!!
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@LiNaHyun I laughed so hard reading this 馃槀
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