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Remember Kim Davis, county clerk of Rowan, Kentucky who denied marriage licenses to law abiding same-sex couples? Well, she's back in the news. This time for meeting with his Pope-ness Pope Francis during his whirlwind visit to the states last week.

The Vatican wouldn't confirm the meeting at first, probably because they didn't want their mostly-positive press tour to end in tragedy because of an alliance with a moron like Kim Davis.

Reps from the Vatican say that the meeting was discussed around September 14th, prior to the Pope's arrival. There's nothing wrong with the Pope meeting with a citizen of the US for some guidance...but Kim Davis? The polarizing figure that had people offended and outraged on such a fundamental level that it sent shock waves across our great nation?
Not a good PR move.
That's probably why the Pope kept the meeting secret.
Nobody want's a bad rap, and though the Pope is arguably the holiest figure on earth...he can't control public opinion. Isn't that something?

I'd risk blasphemy at this very moment to call him out on this meeting. Why does she, someone who only bred hate and controversy, get a private meeting?

There's probably a lot of sick children and needy families who would get way more out of an audience with his Popeness than Kim Davis.

Sorry...but that's just the truth.

This meeting fueled the hellfire, and put her back in the news. Her refusal to uphold the law of the land was blatantly illegal and she should be prosecuted for obstruction, not rewarded by the Pope.

I guess you could applaud her for defending her views. But let's not give her a private audience with the Pope. It's just bad PR. Instead of celebrating those who preach hatred, let's focus on love and acceptance. Two things that Jesus wanted right?
Well. I guess we'll end this here.

Pope out.

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YES! @ChosenKnight you are the vingler of the day lol. She's a hypocrite...plain and simple.
@TessStevens yes it really pisses me off. and all of the people supporting her like she doing something positive. if people put that much energy into actually HELPING people this world would be a much better place
That's why I take such offence to THE POPE of all people backing her! Like WTF hahahah @ChosenKnight
@TessStevens maybe he was trying to talk some sense into her lol
The pope can meet with whoever he pleases it doesn't mean he agrees or disagrees with something they did