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Someone help me. We already know that I have WAY TOO MANY COSPLAYS planned for Katsucon, which is, at the best stretch of my imagination, only a 4 day con. It's only a 3 day con. But I'm going to go ahead and say it's a 4 day con because Thursday counts.
But these new Love Live cards just released yesterday and I REALLY, REALLY want to cosplay both the unidolized and idolized versions!! I'm trying to tell myself it's okay to do it because I could totally wear both of the jackets in "real life" (Because I could) but someone needs to stop me! AHHHH!!! Am I the only one who CAN'T STOP ADDING MORE COSPLAYS to their list of upcoming cosplays? Please tell me I'm not the only one....@AdiaJasinski @Luci546 @SerebroVoron00 I can't be the only one, right?
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@hikaymm I love Love Live! I was so addicted to SIF for a while, haha and I actually went and saw the movie in theaters.
@hikaymm Maki and Eli are my girls.
@FabledDead I AM SO HAPPY. I am also addicted to SIF (have you got your Hanayo yet?? lol). I'm basically Nozomi, but 3rd years are my girls ^^
@hikaymm Nooo...as I said, I was addicted for a while. I kinda played it soooo much every single moment I could and sunk like $130 into it, I kinda burnt myself out. I still have it downloaded and just played again for the first time in awhile last night. I think I might start playing again. My id is the same as on here.
@FabledDead oh my god XD yeah I have done a good job of NOT LETTIN GMYSELF spend real money on it as much as possible (but I did have a few gift cards I used) but it can be totally life sucking XD