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Well needless to say GD an me had a rocky relationship. We started out as best friends, I could tell him anything. I think the first bump we hit on our road was TOP, literally. What the hell was he doing running up stairs an not looking where he was going. So as you can imagine TOP ended up injured. Feeling bad because he was hurt I do the nice thing an played nurse. Had a blast doing it an getting to know the other members. Did you know TOP is crazy! An I think this attribute is what feeds my crush on him. An the fact that I sooo missed my friend GD who at this time is promoting his song heart breaker. Daesung played a role here as a willing ear to listen to all my sorrows. I think he got a slight crush on me but never said anything so I'm not positive. Well life never stops an things happen like how I got pregnant with Daesung's child. Gees Louis that was the rockiest part in my life. So what happened was Daesung took me out to eat dinner an just hang out since everyone else was busy. I am a lightweight in drinking an come to find out so is he. Inebriation gave him the courage to confess an took away my common sense. Of course one thing led to another an bam! One month later I find out I'm prego. Here's where Taeyang steps in with a fabulous idea (cause I'm completely having a mental break down and flipping out)with a weekend cruise! During this weekend cruise I pulled myself together and came up with a plan. Talk to Daesung. Simple I know, but it led to figuring out that Daesung an I are friends and nothing else and even though he did have a crush in the beginning he's moved on an so had I. Time goes by in a surreal fashion. GD is finally back from his tour and I'm 7 months pregnant. After calming down he decides that he has to be the one taking care of me. To make a bunch of drama short let's just cut to the out come of GD became my boyfriend. To say we were blissfull feels like an understatement an close to being a lie. Seungri had at this particular time issues. For various reasons he would oppose us, our ideas and opinions an was just down right ornery. For the life of us we couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. Remember that I said TOP was crazy? Well him and his crazy self, solved our Seungri mystery. Who would have known he was feeling jealous of us! 6 months later we're all chilling, baby girl Rayn is out cold in her room. We're all kicking it in living room of the house GD an I got when he decided that he couldn't be away from Rayn ALL night. She has all of them wrapped around her pinky and knows it! So we're watching T.V. Daesung is down for the count. And TOP pulls out the keyboard and starts fiddling with it. Of course GD then has to go fiddle with it too. Then before I know it TOP is playing a gorgeous melody I had never heard before. GD comes over to me as Taeyang turns off the T.V. an Seungri dims the lights. GD gets down on the floor in front of me and tells me: We've been though thick an thin, sickness and health, over mountains an though valley's. I love you soo much and rayn is the daughter of my heart. Would you marry me? You all know the answer I gave. How could you not?! TOP, Taeyang, Seungri, and Daesung made a number one hit world wide with the song from that day. But to me it can never top the number one spot GD will forever hold. * sorry the story is so long hope it's at least good.* @AimeeH I really enjoyed doing this game.
wow! this was so good, especially the ending. it was so cute
@DenieceSuit don't ever apologize for the length!! Omg! this was great!! I loved reading it!! Thank you for this ^●^
@DenieceSuit I love your story!! I loved TOP especially in it. And the ending was so sweet. Have u seen mine?