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It's that time again!

Time to guess what would happen if two famous heroes (or villains, let's be real) were in a fight to the death! This week the showdown is between two fan-favorites: Thor vs. Superman! Let's look at their stats:


Likes: songs about glory and salsa dancing
Has a magic hammer he's usually worthy of wielding
Weaknesses include women and wily behavior
Is "definitely" going to prevent Ragnarok


Likes: print media and public displays of affection
Has a habit of leaving Earth for emergencies
Weaknesses include kryptonite and Batman
Is "definitely not" Clark Kent

They both have red capes and a lot of brute strength. Who would win?

Thor is hard-headed and has Mjolnir and Superman is determined and righteous and has a variety of abilities. But their overall strengths,including powers, are pretty evenly matched. I think Thor would win. He's fought enemies bigger and badder and cleverer (*sigh* Loki) and come out on top, plus he has more experience in battle and war and strategies.
depends does Thor know superman's weakness. if so I think he could easily get some kryptonite and win otherwise I think superman would win.
thor would win in my book but with who superman is would he be worthy of wielding thor's hamer?
I will go with THE MIGHTY THOR!!!!! >:)
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