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I know I wrote about a soccer ref who pulled out a gun during a match yesterday...

(See card here!)
Well, to lighten things up.....

The kids def know what's up. Look at them take a knee around the ref.

I feel ya bro.

Omg, I hadn't even noticed that part. Kids are the best.
@danidee HAHAHA so true. But, even though they may be all shorter than the ref, they def can feel his pain. Look at them take a knee hahah. That really made my day!
@danidee Yes. That would make you a horrible person, but I'd also be doing the same thing if I were one of the kids' parents haha. I would give a 10 for the landing itself. It was dramatic and very artistic.
OMG HAHAHA. Is it bad that if I were one of these kids' parents, I would be busting up laughing? This probably makes me a horrible person, but that landing was so perfectly dramatic.
It's actually a huge shame, but I guess that's one of the occupational hazards of being a soccer ref where the tallest player is probably barely 5 feet tall lol.