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Alright @kpopandkimchi here's my ultimate squad, think you can handle the feels?? Challenge. Accepted.
1) The Muscle: Song Ga Yeon This girl can kick.ass.
2) The Brains: Rap Monster This kid is a genius, can't not have him.
3) The Scaredy Cat: Tao Hey, he may be a scaredy cat but he can kick some ass while he's being a scaredy cat.
4) The Secret Weapon: D.O Who else but D.O? Though he might just abandon everyone and save himself...
5) The Protector/Mother: Jr Junior-omma in the house~
6) The Co-Captain: Suho We need Guardian/Grandpa $uho by our side.
Well that's my squad ^^ Hope you enjoyed it, have a great day everyone *kiss*
mine would be the exact same, but the co-captain would be Amber Liu and the scaredy cat would be Ren
My friends and I always talk about these kind of things. I would definitely join this group!!!^_^
lmao love it especially the rap monster and junior gifs lol
Lol I love ur squad @LiNaHyun 😁
Yeah Kyungsoo will totally jump ship when things get scary hahahahahha
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