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This is my *favorite* scene from all the Iron Man films (so far).

Anxiety attacks: not recommended. I haven't had one in a while, but it honestly feels like you're dying. Your lungs can't breathe fast enough, your heart feels like it's trying to escape, and even though you're on stable ground it feels like there's an earthquake happening underneath you. It's the worst. So seeing one of my heroes going through it and overcoming it was really encouraging for me to see!
What's your favorite scene from the Iron Man films?
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Oh, I got SOOO many! 馃槯 But the only one I can think of right now is about when the gang tries to pick up Thor's hammer in many forms. Ugh, just let me sleep on it and tomorrow I will just be ranting off about it!
@BabyCakes00 lol sure thing haha there are a lot! You and @LizaNightshade are in the same boat haha it's an embarrassment of riches XD @AshelyJewell @SierraWilson16 @ButterflyBlu all excellent picks ^_^
@KikiMccoy dod you have a favorite Iron Man scene?
@shannonl5 hmmm....when he's in his lab talking to his robots like they're pets lol
@KikiMccoy omg in the first one?!?! I love Dummy!!!