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 Jae Ha told Si Kyung to call John Mayer, to let him know that he will resign from the King position. Suddenly he got a video call from Hang Ah, but that video call is monitored by John Mayer and they won't be able to detect her location >< Jae Ha said, "I will take care of everything. Let's live comfortably now." Hang Ah's response was really strange!! She pretend to cry! (Hang Ah is really smart, I think she was trying to give Jae Ha the clue about her location!) John Mayer found out that she said something to Jae Ha, that evil guy was really angry and turned of the video call. Jae Ha thought about what Hang Ah said earlier and he found out that Hang Ah now is in China! OMG! John Mayer slapped her for telling her location. Hang Ah tried to kill herself and John Mayer was really frightened because he know he will be in a big trouble if Hang Ah died. So Hang Ah requested to John Mayer to let her be together with the Queen Dowager. When she met her, Queen Dowager seems to gain her strength and said, "Let's get out of here." So now both of them are planning some strategy to run away! They tried to get away from the guards, but Hang Ah was shot in her left arm!!! OH NO!!! 
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thanks for the recap last nyt!!! ur the first one posted @ fb fan page..thanks c u later! :)
love when hang ah had a fake cry you know that she giving jae ha a clue JM just so crazy giving hang ah a chance to talk face to face!
You're the best! Thanks!
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