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I was tagged in a card by the ever amazing @kpopandkimchi to come up with a Zombie Survival team of idols of my choosing! So! Without further ado, Lets get to it! (Also, no, JHope is not one of my choices, he would uh, be a distraction. )
1. The Muscle: Jay Park Look at him! Jesus. He could definitely take down a few zombies.
2. The Brains: Taeil He, no doubt, could come up with some hella smart plans. And he's adorable, soooo,,,
3. The Scaredy Cat: Baby Luhan He is such an easy scare. This was a really hard one to choose! I was stuck between Tao and Luhan!
4. The Secret Weapon: D.O Kyungsoo The Hulk of the group, his anger could DEFINITELY work in the teams favor.
5. The Protector/Mother: Jin Im sorry, I had to, look how mommy he is. Omg he would totally protect us. And provide, i wish he was my mom in real life (like a secondary mom)
6. The Co-Captain: CL OMG CL would totally be just captain like straight up, but in this case she will be my co-captain. We will totally call the shots and get stuff done!
(I HAD TO PUT JHOPE SOMEWHERE) now i feel better.
@JaxomB yeah, i feel like luhan would be that guy. lol
@JhopeSunshine thats fine caus he is in my squad😜😜 ill look after him! you take care of jin for me! lol
great list, I really like your choices ^^
Hard to come up a scaredy cat that wouldn't get everyone killed.