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Are you ready for some major awwww's?

I was perusing a food blog called Verses from My Kitchen today, and discovered that the author shares more than recipes – he also shares breathtaking snippets of writing about his personal life. Reading the precious story of he and his wife, I almost died of happiness, fell into an adorableness coma, and broke down in tears all at once (I have a lot of feelings, okay!?!).
You guys MUST check it out if you like a good story about a real life romance. It just might inspire you to believe in true love. :)
"Three days. October 18th. February 15th. January 7th. Three fateful days that erased the loneliness. The emptiness. My past. It started innocently enough. A phone call, extended conversation and hope. Infinite potential, possibility. The chance to dream again. It started with a day and turned into my future. My now.
W and I talked. And talked. We set a day and time and date. Our first date. It was cancelled. We set another one. Cancelled again. It didn’t seem like it was meant to be. Like all those dates before, missed moments before. So we made one last date scheduled for October 18th of that year. One last chance. I held my breath and took a leap of faith and landed at the very beginning. Of us. The story of us.
I knew it that night. We met and shared food and drinks and stories. Our life before now. We talked into the late night and lost track of time. Everything felt perfect. When we left the restaurant we made our way back to my place. We sat outside in the car and just talked. How did I know this was different? I just did. And I told her." ...
To read the rest (and you know you want to), click here!
Share this with someone who loves love stories as much as you do, so you have somebody to cry with when you're done reading :,)
What did you guys think??
@MissB82 I see :) I definitely understand that feeling haha. Well good for her that she's on the right track! πŸ˜„ @ButterflyBlu SO true Stacey. I think when we find the one who treats us so specially and with so much attention to detail... We've found The One 😊😊 hehe. I look forward to the day!!
@allischaaf Just great. <3 Everyone deserves to be loved so. Yes?
@allischaaff It's more a stepping stone. The job's what she likes but you know how sometimes further's the beginning of closer? It's like that. ;-)
Hahaha sounds good @MissB82 :) have fun with your friend!! Lol I feel bad, I hope she at least loves her new job...
@allischaaff Thank you for thinking of me! And my eyeliner. On my way to the middle of nowhere. Lol. Literally. To visit a girlfriend where her new job's got her living ATM. Net must be working by miracle but not enough for me to open link. When I find or return to civilisation I will. :-)
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