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Instead of going to just another amusement park or another social event, why can't we just to northern Cali, Oregon and camp? Walk the nearby towns, hand in hand with no cell phones? Why can't we go hiking or take a trail to a hidden waterfall and spend the day reading and tanning/relaxing together? Spend the nights cuddled up in front of a camp fire and stare up at the stars? Don't even have to talk. Just feel each other's body language. There's so much communication that's silent. Or if we do talk, talk about anything and everything. Tell me your fears. Tell me your insecurities. Tell me what you love about me. Tell me how I can love you better. Tell me everything you want to accomplish. Tell me everything you wish was real. Where did everything fall apart? Tell me why you can't open up anymore? Tell me you love me and you'll never leave.... It'll be our own little world. We can build it anew, just us two, even if it's just for a few hours. I'm extremely surprised and saddened by how many people have never seen an unmolested sky. You need to take it upon yourself to travel for away from all cities, away from small towns, into the small pockets of pure nature and just sit there for a night. Listen to it. Look up and see how small we really are. Look up and see the universe on display. Stars galore. It's quite breathtaking and humbling and relaxing and beautiful. It's easily the best and most enjoyable way to calm yourself down and regain clarify of thought.
If no one want to go with you I will!
Ommmggggg Silver Linings Playbook. Yes. I totally die at that scene. Good taste in movies sir. Hahaha. Man, you're a great writer!! Now I want you to start writing romance novels... hahahaha
@allischaaff I just wrote that off the top of my head lol /.\ If there's a book with a scene like that, I need it. Because I'd melt every time haha Have you seen "Silver Linings Playbook" with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper? That kiss scene after their dance... Ugh <3 Haha Also, the Times Square Kiss at midnight on new years eve is another one. (.-. )
@allischaaff Thank you ^.^ I love this kind of stuff, but I just haven't found the right person to do it with, though. Because I think it would be so... Powerful and impactful in a relationship, that it would have to be used on the ONE. Same with kissing in a storm <3 I don't know, I have a fantasy about that whole "running towards each other in the pouring rain, getting drenched, and just having that perfect, hungry kiss while lightening and thunder flash and explode overhead while clinging together as if nothing could ever tear them apart because they are in love and no complication or negativity or bump in the road will ever separate them or cause a waver in dedication" haha
I would be SO down for this kind of getaway. Just to be surrounded by trees and sky, enjoying the beauty of nature, truly alone together... I'm clipping this into my romantic date ideas collection :) looking forward to more from you soon, I like the way you think
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