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 Jae Ha fellow army were also arrived in China to save them! They are already outside the location. Meanwhile, the evil woman and the guards were looking for her. They both finally managed to get out from the sewer, but there is no other way except to swim through the river. Hang Ah told Queen Dowager not to swim across, because she is too weak, but she swim thru the river!!!! There were some shooting between Club M and Korean. Hang Ah told Queen Dowager to run away first, while she is going to stop that evil woman. Hesitated, Queen Dowager finally left. Hang Ah was alone now :( Queen Dowager ran away and found their helper from Korea. But Hang Ah is alone and her wound is getting worse. She was slipped from the cliff and fell down!! Queen Dowager is now back in the palaca (without Hang Ah). Jae Ha's face looks so exhausted!! He must be really tired trying to find Hang Ah! He is so desperate TT He asked the official to search for her throughout China! Hang Ah's dad sent a spy to China to find out about the situation. China army was also secretly search for Hang Ah. They said that Hang Ah is a refugee from the north. (I think Club M told China to find her). 
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next part will be sad TT