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 Si Kyung came to Jae Ha and gave suggestion to contact his dad (the royal secretary) to ask for advices. However, Jae Ha refused to call the royal recretary. Si Kyung who didn't know what happen tried to find some document, and he found out about his dad's resignation letter and also all of his dad's action before. Poor Si Kyung TT Jae Ha got a call from the royal secretary. He advised Jae Ha to sue John Mayer for all his crime. Even so, Jae Ha said he will think about it. He still think that Club M is too big and strong for them. Meanwhile, Si Kyung who was really shocked, went to his dad's house. He was walking in the rain...and crying! He found his dad, and seems to be really disappointed of him. Royal Secretary said, "I know you are really ashamed of me. Don't live like me." Si Kyung told him," this is the last time you can see me," and he just left in the pouring rain. That is sad! 
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