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Long lasting relationships do not just happen like that. It takes Time, Patience, Trust, Mutual Respect, and most importantly.... It takes two people who truly want to be together with each other.
Please remember that people do not change without reasons, there are uncountable reasons and situations which create small (sometimes very big) changes in us.
An insight of our own heart will reveal so many situations in which we ourselves have done and luved same things which hate now. Same way our memory have foot prints of times in which we have hated few things in the past, but now somehow we are doing them now (or have done in the past).
I would really like to share another beautiful quote with u all:
One of the greatest mistakes u can make in an relationship is to confuse a real person with their image which u have created in ur mind.
U have all rights to hate actions of ur luved ones, but please try not to hate the person. They r the one who have decided to live their remaining life with u. They obviously deserve special treatment from us.
Will write more ... but later. :)
I really like this @GsVirdi :) looking forward to your next piece of writing. That quote is so true. When we fall in love, too often we create a perfect image of the person in our minds, rather than striving to see them for who they truly are... how can we avoid that, I wonder? do you have any ideas?
Thx a lot everybody who took time to stop-by and like heart touching realities of life called.... Relationships.