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I was talking to a friend earlier today, and we were laughing about how we're both the accident prone ones in our 'squad'. In my lifetime, I've broken both my wrists, one finger, and my tailbone - with my tailbone being the most ridiculous one.
One time, when I was in middle school, I saw a spider crawling on my ceiling. I freaked out and wanted to kill it, but my ceiling was SUPER HIGH, and the only way I could reach it is if I jumped on the bed. So I kept jumping on the bed, trying to squash this spider, and once I actually killed it, I screamed, pulled back, fell off the bed, and landed hard on my tailbone.
I walked around with a something-shoved-up-my-butt style limp for the next few weeks.
Telling her this story got me curious:

What's the stupidest way you've ever injured yourself?

(Extra points if you had an audience and/or a trip to the ER. If your answer is amazing enough, I might just feature it in a round-up card over the weekend!)

Let's goooooo!!

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Gee, which one do you want? The time I had to be transported to the ER via ambulance in the middle of the Pigs and Peaches Festival (hey, don't knock it, I now live in the south) because someone put nuts in the black pepper. I am highly allergic and you could just watch the hives form and swell. Or the time I broke my arm in 2 places because I got my foot caught in a metal hanger as I was carrying folded towels to be put away and fell. Or the time I was pulled off the monkey bars at school by a boy, landed on him, and hit my head on a rock....major concussion. Or the day before softball team photos and I hit a pile of gravel on my bike, flipped over the handlebars, got complete road rash on both legs, and ended up with 2 black eyes. We were about 5 miles from home at the time...and I still have the photo proof, as mom wouldn't let me skip the photo. Unfortunately, I could keep going. I was a very active child and played a lot of sports. My son has the best one though. I had to take him and the VCR up to the ER because he managed to get his finger caught in it...wedged between a VCR tape that my daughter put in upside down and the side. I couldn't get him out, and a neighbor had to drive us to the ER. The doctor couldn't get him out (even as we tried taking it apart), but a computer tech sitting in the waiting room with his sick daughter came in to our room and completely dismantled the VCR. My son was crying and screaming, "Don't break the VCR, don't break the VCR. We don't have cable." Christopher ended up with a broken finger and actually, the guy put it back together. We used that VCR for another 3 or 4 yrs. Pher was the talk of the ER for a long time after that (and we visited there frequently).
I went up a grassy wet hill and tried to walk down it like I was on ANTM when I was 18. Well the results were I made it down the hill but I broke my leg in four places.
Lol I was getting out of a two door car so you have to go out head first so I somehow got caught in the seat belt and I fell in slow motion haha I was like oohhhh nooo ( I sounded just like that guy in family guy) I had concert burn all over my arms and I couldn't write for 2 weeks lol it was bad!
of my college I slip on black ice right in front of everyone and fall onto my back and Hit the back of my head on the pavement. i had the wind knocked out of me. But i sit up and start laughing. stand up walk into my school up the stairs where I fall up them and behind me my friend goes I see your still clumsy as ever. You know if I didn't see you falling on the main road I might have ran you over. Now my mind you this friend was looking at me and was like are you ok. I'm like yeah you know me I'll be fine. But i wasn't my ankle was sprained, bruised ribs in the back, and a concussion. at least according to the doctor that was teaching medical assistant class.
I fractured my right arm playing leap frog with @MattK95
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