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time to meet my zombie apocalypse survival squad!!! all so good to look at!....oh and they might help me survive too haha.
The muscle - Siwon from SuJu. not just strong in muscle but in personality too.
The brain- k-rapper Tablo......hello can you say iq of 160 and has a masters in English from Stanford University? plus he's not just book smart. his lyrics are sheer genius!
The Scaredy cat - Daesung from big bang..... no need for explanation. just watch exhibits a and b.
my secret weapon- jimin from aoa. she's tiny but big things come in small packages (I'm short too) and she's smart. plus she can help me keep the boys in line haha
The protector/ mother- None other than Jin from BTS. he takes care of his members and he can cook....we shall not starve!!!
Co Captain- OK taecyeon! he's strong...look at those muscles! smart.....he's fluent in English, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese! and he has a kind, approachable, trustworthy face so people can look to him for leadership.
I love.looking at the other teams. Taecyeon is my Brains of the group.
Jimin is totally awesome! I'd love to fight zombies with her hahahah