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My Zombie Squad!
@kpopandkimchi started this and tagged me so here is my squad! disclaimer: i didnt look at anyone elses squads! So if we have some of the same people its not on purpose! i dont own any of the pics or gifs! also all my squad have one thing in common! they are all goofy and fun but have a definite serious game face side as well and tuat is why they are my squad. so here they are!
The muscle: Taeyang may be a goofball but he had to get those muscles somehow and Im willing to bet he knows how to use them!
The Brains: I did a little research and Rap Monster is not only funny and adorable but also super smart. He could definitely help out!
The Scaredy Cat: Hoya Oppa we love you but you are scared easily! But thats ok because we got your back!
The Secret Weapon: Rain Bi is gonna go Ninja Assassin on these zombies! especially when we need him most!
The Protector/Mother: TOP is a great joker but he takes care of the people who he cares about. I need him in my corner!
Co-Captain: Amber Liu is a great form of comic relief and she is so smart and creative. She would be able to throw out ideas no one thought of before that could save everyone!
Well thats it guys! Let the challenges begin!
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