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Chapter 1 I stop outside the front door and wait a second. Should I enter? Should I walk in to the house of energy-sucking beasts who only seem to fight with each other? I have to though. I love these beasts. Streaks whiz past me as I open the door. I wait a second to check if its clear, then slowly enter. Will is on the couch, reading Dr-Seuss to Kazami. Eric's chasing Nia with a centipead, and Bell's yelling at Eric to stop. Nobody notices me, so I take the opportunity to observe further. Kazami is on Will's knee, messing with her shirt, and Wills reading Green Eggs and Ham. Bell tackles Eric and the bug lands on Nia. She screams and everybody turns towards her. She does a little dance to get it off, then notices me. "Mari's home!" She says happily. "Mari's home!" everybody but will echoes. Kazami jumps off of Will's lap and gives me a hug. Isn't energy-sucking beasts a decent description? "You brought home food," Eric states. Clearly he used his power earlier. "Yes. I brought dinner, but it's not much." I set 4 packs of ramen on the table. "Split it evenly." I sit down on the couch across from Will, who hasnt moved on bit. He gives a slight smile and I give one back. "Long day pickpocketing?" He asks, and I laugh. "No rich people on the streets today." Will stands up and walks over to help the kids make ramen. None of us are exactly able to work. William and I are 15 and we're the oldest. Next is Eric at 13, Nia and her twin brother Bell at 12, and Kazami at 7. The house is from Jessie, the most father like idol we've had. Be kept us here, took care of us like a family until he disappeared two yeats ago. "Ramen's done," says Will, as he hands me a bowl. I blow on it for a second, then take a small bite. Wach of the kids come and take a seat on the couch, a bowl of ramen in their hands. "Mari! Dont eat yet! We have to pray first." I nod and set down the bowl. I'm not the religious type, but Jessie was, so each of the kids picked it up. We join hands, Nia and Kazami on each side of me. Everybody bows their head, and Will starts talking. "Dear Lord," he begins. "I thank you for this food, to be able to live here another day." Eric next. "Thanks for the ramen. Its my favorite kind." "Thanks for keeping us all alive another day, away from the scientists." "Thank you for making sure the bugs dont rage war." Nia sighs. Next to me, Kazami giggles. Me next. "Thank you, for letting us be together another another day." I almkst whisper. "And I'm thankful that we're all happy!" Kazami says. "Amen," I say and everyone echoes me. Each of us picks up a bowl and starts chowing down. We all finish at different times, clearing the room as we finish. I'm the last one, only half of my ramen gone. I leave the rest on the table and walk outside. It's peaceful outside. The subtle smell of oak trees and the silence makes it seem like a sancuary. I walk a little while into the forest. The place of refuge; where i might actually find peace. I stop in front of an oak tree, the oak tree I usually practice on, and pull my sword out of thin air
Ok. So this was my first chapter. I'm sorry if theres any grammar mistakes, just leave me a comment if there is. I'd love to have any advice you guys can give me and I'll post Chapter 2 soon. Bye!!
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Have you read the max Ryder series I think it's called that but they are part avian?