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Hey, I'm jokes, the new WTF community moderator!

From now, October 1st, until December 31st, I'll be helping out with the community and engaging with you guys. If you have any questions concerning the community, or need help in any way, just message me!
A little about myself - I've been on Vingle for about 4-5 months now, and it's been great. I live in Portland, Oregon, and I love posting funny stuff! I do enjoy engaging and interacting will all of you guys, I think it's one of the great parts about Vingle.
So, for the next three months, let's have a blast!
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wtf means ? welcome to..? Im used to it meaning what the f**k unfortunately....
2 years ago·Reply
Yeah it means what the f**k ... the sort of community where cards give that sort of reaction!! @sophie851
2 years ago·Reply
Oh ok then! new here! thanks
2 years ago·Reply
ahh awesome WELCOME !!!!! ^_^
2 years ago·Reply
@Sophie851 Welcome!
2 years ago·Reply