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 She finally woke up and couldn't stop screaming and crying, "I killed Big Oppa..I killed big oppa with my own hands!!" Si Kyung who heard her screaming from outside the room was really worried about her! (See Si Kyung, you really love her indeed!). When Jae Shin was finally asleep, he went to her room and see her sleeping. He see all her scratches all over her arms (that was caused when she was panic). He cried like a child!!! So Jae Ha finally made up his mind!!! He said to Queen Dowager," it's time to fight John Mayer." And Hang Ah is still alive!! She managed to survive, and she is trying to avoid Chinese soldiers looking for her! So what happen in tomorrow's episode?????????? 
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@sapphire148 i know that she went back to school but ahhh i didnt know that she majored in acting! shes sucha a great actress. first time i saw her was when she was in Hearts of Nineteen/Pure 19, the one with Gu Hye Sun. she was so hilarious in that drama. i didnt notice or realise that she was in Goong until recently LOL. as for her not getting a leading role, it baffles me too! but maybe one day she will. just like song joong ki? he always played supporting roles until that movie with Han Ye Sul
@satsuki92 lee yoon ji majored in acting i think..i agree with u all that she acts well..its just she never appear in drama as a leading actress...i knew her for the first time when she appear in Goong yearssss ago..she acts soo well, but why do you all think she is never be a leading actres??? not pretty enough??
@nicky i was not expecting that turn of events! all along, i just assumed that her memory was blocked out due to shock from jumping of the cliff... gotta give it the writers man, this has reinstalled my faith in them that they will wrap up the drama with no loose ends
my rate: 10/10. love this drama so much...... XD
She's such a good actress! I don't think I can watch that scene again. Cried so hard before. D:
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