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Apparently TGM received some mics from Houston based company Aura Systems...and...TGM has "forgotten" to pay them. TGM has been MIA since the Toronto Stop of the HighLight Tour. No one has been able to contact them and their paypal accounts have apparently been frozen This situation for TGM looks as if its not going to end well.
@KpopJunkiesTV yeah I would have messed whoever laid a finger any member of BTS up completely, I mean it would not have been pretty, I'm a very protective person, and if you screamin at and messin with my bros, we gonna have issues XD seriously even thinking about all this is getting me riled up...
I didn't know about that until after like they were physical and yelled at jimin cause he was taking to long to sign posters and was talking to fans. I would have said something but I was like 1 of the first few people to go in for fansign so I guess tgm staff was rushing and trying to get it done but still you don't lay hands on my idiot -_- "that's no no"
I'd sue them honestly
exactly! thats what alot of people are saying. TGM will be done after this.
I just hope this doesn't end up reflecting badly on BTS it's not their fault at all
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