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Dear men,

Catcalling is not a form of flattery.

Every woman.
Okay, we get it. You want to feel like a macho man and make a good impression in front of your boys. Well, guess what? You are not fooling anyone but yourself. I'm not your mom. I'm not your baby. I'm definitely not your woman.
Your form is flattery is the least bit flattering and on behalf of all women, we would appreciate it if you would learn some respect. You know that thing Aretha Franklin sang about. Find out what it means, than get back to us [women] in a respectful manner.
End scene.
Women from all around the world have to deal with disgusting catcalling. If you thought that it only happened to women in the United States, think again. It's an epidemic and it needs to be put to an end. Panamanian-American illustrator, Debi Hasky, like most women wanted to speak up on her feelings towards the cat calling she dealt with while living in Panama and she did just that by putting her thoughts to paper.
The twenty four year old artist, decided to create an illustration based on her experience and named it "Call Out Catcalls". Hasky told Huff Post, "As a whole, I hope my illustrations inspire people to embrace their unique qualities, giving them the courage to express their emotions. "Know that your feelings are valid. You are not alone."​ If you've ever been a victim of catcalling than you should be able to relate to these amazing and relatable illustrations seen below.

Translation: I'm not your mommy

Translation: I dress for myself

Translation: Thick thighs. So what?

Translation: I decide about my body

Transation: fight for your right

Ladies, we must stick together to put an end to this.
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@jibarito Yes, it does. My dance partner - a guy - has had to deal with a LOT. Until one day I went with him to a family event. Suddenly, he was THE MAN... but I felt tiny. Cousins were whistling and high-fiving, and then I hear one say, "Ohhh so that's why he's a dancer!" (Followed by commentary of my butt, and... Everything else.) It's the only time in almost a decade I've ever seen Rob that mad. And he was MAD. We wound up leaving and I know he felt horrible, but I just kept telling him, "hey, it's fine...and maybe they'll lay off of you now!" We wound having dinner with just his parents a little later in the week - who also felt horrible. :( But his extended family Suddenly stopped giving him crap about dancing. >.< It's ridiculous. Truly.
@ButterflyBlu WOWWW that's sad, and embarrassing. I've seen some of this behavior in my family as well, when another family member would bring his gf or just a friend over to events. It's sad, but hopefully this will change soon, I believe that this generation will be the one which brings about a lot of change, it's already happening. More mutual respect and equality :)
wow @ButterflyBlu that is unfortunate and I'm sorry you two even had to deal with that. some people honestly don't know how to act and show respect.
These are gorgeous illustrations @jordanhamilton! Wow @ButterflyBlu honestly I'm shocked. I'm sorry that happened... god I hate when people feel like they can judge our bodies and say what they want about them just because we're women. I do what I want, I dress how I want, and I love who I want, how I want – that's my prerogative as a person!! I wish people would see me as a person instead of as an object.
thanks Alli! I definitely thought they were amazing as well @allischaaff