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hey we need 50,000 signatures to reach our goal! share and sign so we can reach our goal! here is the link!!
@aimeeh @exoexo @b1a4bts5ever tags all the people please!!!!
Honestly, I don't know why KCON was only in LA for so long and just this past summer they decided to add KCON NY. If 'KCON headquarters' are worried they won't make enough money, they should think again because there are SOOOO many K-POP fans ALL OVER the U.S. that want to go, but don't have the funds or resources to be able to travel half way across the country! I'm very fortunate and blessed that I was able to go to the first KCON NY this summer, but they need to bring it ALL over the U.S..... just sayin'.
no problem! it's so unfair that the whole middle of the US (the midwest) is basically a big black hole that doesn't exist in the kpop concert world. We're here too and deserve some love and attention too!
I Found out there is a KPOP Headquarters in Chicago I'll that midwest!!! Why not have it in Chicago or Kansas City Mo the about middle of the Midwest!
Dang it! I'm moving out of the Midwest at the end of the month! Still signed it!
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