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The weather is changing and so is your hair.

Cool weather sometimes brings about dry, brittle hair. When this is the case, it's your best bet to show your hair some serious tender loving care. Your first thought might be to head over to your local beauty supply store and spend a ton on a protein treatment, but if you're smart -- you would pump your breaks.
The joy of catering to your hair is that more times than often, there is a do-it-yourself recipe that is far more reliable than the thirty odd dollars you were going to spend. Use your resources if they happen to be available. Protein treatments are not something you do often, but you'll know it's time when your hair needs a little more attention. Not only does protein smooth your hairs cuticles, but it also creates stronger, softer and healthier hair. If your hair needs some love, keep scrolling for an amazing protein treatment that will take your hair from 0 to 100 real quick.
Step One: Take one or two eggs depending on the thickness of your hair and crack it into a mixing bowl.
Step Two: Use entire egg if your hair happens to be normal to dry. Only use egg white if your hair and scalp are oilier than usual.
Step Three: Beat egg(s) until frothy and apply generously to hair.
Step Four: Make sure your hair is fully covered with the egg. Cover with a shower cap for up to 20 minutes.
Step Five: Rinse with cold water to prevent egg from cooking in your hair. Shampoo and condition as usual. Follow up with this treatment every 2 weeks to one month.

Show your hair some much needed love.

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