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Tom Hanks is the man. Like really.
Not too many things Hanks have done in poor taste in the acting realm. He can deliver a dramatic role and has a great sense of humor. Anytime you get Tom involved, I'm tuned in.
Yesterday Stephen Colbert shocked fans across the globe on his Late Night show by bringing in the famed actor for a special guest appearance. The results were hilarious.
The skit Tom Hanks appeared on is titled “Big Questions with Even Bigger Stars" was full of funny quotables between the duo.
The longer the skit went, the dumber the questions and answers got. One of the funniest lines delivered this season was:
Tom: Hey Steve, what do you think Santa is up to during the summer time?
Colbert: Delivering gifts to other planets
Tom: WOW, like Australia?
Colbert: Yeah, exactly.
Man, you gotta watch this one, I promise you will be in tears by the end of the skit.
@butterflyblu I dig Hanks as well.. him and Denzel are two of my favorite actors
I'd totally watch that Secret Service dog movie.
Hahaha!! That's just great. Tom Hanks is such a class act, too. ^.^