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Pick-up lines are usually a hit or a miss.

If you're a fan of corniness than you probably fall for the infamous pick-up line time and time again. Don't get me wrong, that's not a bad thing -- well, not all of the time. Some pick up lines happen to be rather flattering and cute, while others will leave you confused for days. Whether good or bad, it's natural and for some reason we can't seem to get over these corny, over used phrases used in hopes of finding love [perhaps].
If you fall head over heels over the guy who says, "Do you have a jersey? Cause I could use your number." or if you happen to be that guy -- click on the video above to get a chuckle out of the best [and worst] pick-up lines used around the world. I'll admit, some of them are rather clever.

What's your favorite or not so favorite pick-up line?

I liked that the New Delhi guy used the terrorist one because I feel like a lot of American teenagers who identify as South Asian/Middle Eastern use that a lot because it's the 'controversial' one (even though it's still kinda messed up lol).
honestly, it's one of my favorites. I just didn't want to admit it lol @danidee
yeah, lol the bullfighting one caught me off guard a bit. but I think when it comes to pickup lines, we all use the same thing just different dialects as you said haha @danidee
I like how they're pretty much the same ones we all use here in the States except in other languages. Except for maybe that bullfighting one. That was on a whole new levle.