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Judge Judy is an american treasure, like Mount Rushmore or Apple Pie... well maybe not Apple Pie but you get the idea, she's awesome.

I love her show, she is witty, blunt and sometimes relentless on the stand. Her no nonsense approach is perfect for her show.
Yesterday a clip of her interacting with one of the dumbest defendants of all time went viral. Judge Judy sent him packing in record setting time.
These two defendants couldn't be any dumber.
This purse-snatching case featured a plaintiff telling Judge Judith Sheindlin how two young defendants ripped away her personal belongings. The young lady details how she lost $50, gift cards, an earpiece, and a calculator.

After hearing the plaintiff mention all of the items missing, the dimwitted duo replied “There was no earpiece in there, ma’am.”

My God, these two are unreal.
Sheindlin couldn’t suppress a laugh. The stony-faced bailiff even gave a brief side-eye as Sheindlin announces, “Dumb and Dumber.” Of course the judge ruled in favor of the plaintiff and awarded her 500 bucks for her trouble.
@alywoah I love Judge Judy as well.. endless laughs watching that show, lol
Damn, she got like 10x the amount of money for that one. Good job, plaintiff.
Judge Judy is hot! if I was only like 102 years old...I'd be all over that!!! (Your an idiot get out of my court room).... yeah that's hot.......LMAO
Oldie but a goodie. I love Judge Judy
What. An. Idiot.
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