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Kanye, as we all know, moves to the beat of his own drum. Sometimes no one around him even hears the beat, but he's still moving forward. I guess that's apart of what makes him great.
Yesterday Kim K discussed a prime example of such, as she revealed that she had no idea her husband Kanye West was going to announce his plans on running for president in 2020.
Kim Kardashian stopped by Ellen Degeneres’ show to discuss her new business ventures, child on the way and Kanye, in particular his presidential candidacy in 2020.
”He did not,” Kim said. “That was news to me. That wasn’t a discussion in our household!” She elaborated, ”I don’t know if that announcement was planned or if he came up with that idea right then and there.” She also said that even though the announcement may have been spontantious, Kanye is “serious” about moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Kim said she will support her husband and “If he puts his mind to something, he’ll do his best.”
You gotta respect how supportive Kim and Kanye are of each other. They really believe they can achieve anything at any moment. Another reason they have achieved such high levels of success.