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[OO Day 1] Anime Community Ice Breaker!

Hello Vingle Buddies! Welcome to Day 1 of Otaku October! <3

Today we will do a fun and exciting ice breaker!

Tell us your answers to these questions in the comments!

1. Your favorite anime series?
2. One unique fact about you?
I'll start! My favorite anime series changes every week but right now I'm going through my Attack on Titan phase! As for my unique fact...I can fall asleep at any place at any time (just like Totoro)! ^_^
Tagging everyone that commented in the Otaku October Event Card! :)
I'm also tagging some of the new Anime Vinglers! Welcome to the Vingle family and hope you participate in Otaku October! I can't wait to get to know you all! ^_^
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akame ga kill and when I read it's like I'm watching a movie
2 years agoReply
currently watching The irregular Magic High School and I can speak English and Spanish and would love to learn Japanese some day soo I won't have to always depend on subs :p
2 years agoReply
1. haikyuu 2. mm.... unique fact... I will say I'm very quiet person until u know me very well.
2 years agoReply
First off, my favorite anime is Naruto. Second, I started to watch anime, Naruto especially, so I could get closer to my brother. He's a lot older than I am and we weren't really that close because we didn't have much in common. Anime helped me have a better relationship with him.馃槃
2 years agoReply
I know this is late but I finally got the hang of using this app.... so... 1. My favorite anime I FAIRY TAIL!! 馃槑(LIKE A BOSS)馃槑 2. My unique fact about me is, I love to make ppl to be united and have balance against each other馃槈
2 years agoReply