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In the past decade rappers have done a great job expanding their movements outside the music world.

Jay-Z was one of the first to venture out into different realms and show everyone that anything is possible with the right team around you.
Taking a play out of the book of "International Hov," Jeezy announces a new business venture away from music with his upcoming champagne.
The new project will be called “Project Gold Bottles,” which inspired Jeezy’s recently released song “Gold Bottles,” off his forthcoming album Church in the Streets.
“I have long loved high-end tequila and champagne and this love has inspired me to create a rich, full bodied champagne that represents my passion. I am fortunate to have a partner like Ken Austin, (the founder Tequila Avion,) whose entrepreneurial track record includes my favorite ultra-premium tequila,” said Jeezy. “Ken has a deep understanding of the drinks space and several luxury categories that I know will be invaluable to growing this business. I look forward to bringing a luxury champagne to my fellow artists and fans in the near future."
The new champagne brand is expected to be released in 2016. With The King of the south behind this, I know this will be a huge success.
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Good for you JEEZY...I'm a Jezzy fan all day long!..... but this is how finacially successful people get broke (athletes, entertainers, lottery winners etc). Honest & Real talk Jezzy what do you know about champagne? Except you get "bent" if you drink enough of it! So the infrastructure that is already in place in that industry will take advantage of your lack of experience in that areana. They will inflate costs of production, spillage, bottle s broke damage costs during production, distribution costs and fees, all that and even more shy#! I can't even spell or even know about. I know its great to diversify your money, and we all wanna leave the hood and grow to be classy and successful but we was born poor and new money don't keep long....unless you stick to the script, anyway invest in exotic cars (car lot), high end auto customization, real estate commercial property or (imma give you this one for free Jezzy only cause you my manz! "Young Jezzy Snowman ziplock bags" ....(for sandwich making) Folks in every hood traping would be buying up them "JEEZY" sandwich bags up...with the "Snowman Logo on em".... You a ex-trapper stay true to trapping, so kill the champagne deal and invest in malt liquor..."A JEEZY 40 ounce", the hood would go banana's with that Shy$!#! lol. I love you think you could do a show at my wedding and funeral....(damm I sound like a groupie).... LMAO...