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If you haven't seen the M Countdown performance you should because someone thought it was a good idea to put Jackson in a mesh tank top. Here's the Jackson focused fancam: And the group video that adds points so the boys can win: Oh but it gets better! Prepare yourself for the next 2 gifs I got off tumblr... 3... 2... 1...
Lord he makes me need Jesus... I see him all touchy and panting and I just wanna...
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I know 馃槄 but still my body was not ready 馃槀
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Oh lawd, now I need Rhesus
2 years agoReply
the last gif literally had need dying 馃槀 but Jackson is perfection 馃槏 he is just so alddfdkszxjsahd
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taking Jackson's sexiness to the next level!!
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Okay that's it Jackson I told last time you was being sexy that's I would came after you well I'm coming **buying plane tickets to south Korea** I'm on my way Mr. wanna be to damn wild and sexy
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