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Pre-season games haven't started yet, but Carmelo is already making waves with the press.
Despite the franchise winning an all-time low with 17 games, Melo thinks the Knicks off-season additions and player progression have the team in position to win a championship.
Oh Boy.
"S---, we're competing. People might not believe that, but we're definitely competing for that," Anthony said after training camp practice on Wednesday. "That's always going to be the goal. Whether we get there or not depends on us and what we're doing. That's always our big-picture goal."
Team president Phil Jackson signed Robin Lopez, Arron Afflalo, Kevin Seraphin, Kyle O'Quinn, Sasha Vujacic and Derrick Williams in free agency but didn't land any of the top stars on the market.
While those guys are strong role players (at best) none of them are superstars or have mad an appearance in an all-star game. Many people would be pleased if the Knicks made the playoffs, but a chip?
Melo is setting the bar high, but if anyone has the skills to elevate a team to another level, it's him.
Hmm...I don't know dude. Melo is a great player but I don't think the Knicks have what it takes this year to win a ring.
@mchlyang I think the worst choice Melo made in his career was re-singing with NYK.. They are at least 2-3 years away from being a legit contender.. thats a long time from now. Role players they added were nice but not game changers...