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Thursday Night Football is back!
This week holds a special rivalry game, as the Baltimore Ravens take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. This may be a tough one to call, as both teams are missing key players (Tyrell Suggs for the Ravens, Big Ben at quarterback for Pittsburgh.)
With that being said, those in Pick Em' leagues should fear not, as I will provide you with some details on each team and which one you should choose to win the game.
The Ravens are winless and with good reason, they have looked bad across the board.
One of last years best surprises in running back Justin Forsett is off to a slow start for Baltimore this year. This puts a lot of pressure on Joe Flacco, who is playing without a dominant wide out. Steve Smith has played hard and been effective, but that hasn't been enough to put the team over the top. They need more weapons. Defensively, the team has been sporadic as well, as they lost future hall of famer Tyrell Suggs to a season ending injury in the first game of the season.
The Steelers are 2-1, but suffered a huge loss last week as star quarterback Ben Roslisberger suffered a knee injury. Ben will miss 6-8 weeks. Luckily for Pittsburgh, the team has a serviceable backup in Mike Vick. Mike is a former superstar who has played in numerous big games. Last year he struggled when thrown into action for the Jets, but their skilled unit was weak. Pittsburgh has one of the best in the NFL in running back Lev'on Bell and Antonio Brown.
The Steelers can provide balance that the Ravens cannot. I expect Pittsburgh to win this one big. Plug and play The Steelers, you won't regret it.