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Liking Kpop but not Korean is A-O.K.
Hello there friends, this is usa-chan man! But, you can call me usa-chan for short. Anyways, being in a different country and not in the Asian country, it's difficult to express yourself when you're into something different than the mainstream western.
Take for example Kpop... Yes, you know what I'm talking about. That genre of music where sometimes the singer causes you to faint, or nosebleed of your an anime fan *wink* *wink*
It's not bad that you like a different genre of music or even culture! But sometimes we get looked at differently like we're in a different planet. Don't get me wrong, I like western music. However, sometimes I want to listen to what other cultures has to offer. So please don't look at me like some weirdo.
Don't be giving me that face up there when I show you Kpop and it's making you question your sexuality... Maybe it's just your hormones kicking in! I don't know. But don't look at us weirdly... Understanding that there is other culture out there and that others may look into that, then happen to like it is not something new. It's been done for ages now...
So for those who are into Kpop, or any other types of other genre of music, just keep on rocking! Maybe one day that genre will soon get noticed some more! Yours truly, ~usa-chan man

*Bonus: Who is your favorite band/artist? And if it's not a Kpop band/artist, what genre of music do they play?

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I TOTALLY agree! Music is such an awesome way to get introduced to another culture and with the world getting smaller and smaller, its so important to be able to understand people from all over the world - not just the language but the context in which they think! I love this~
I love Kpop in my opinon it's better than shit here in America. I like the old music though like The Temptations and such no autotune there just pure talent. Thats hard my top 5 Kpop groups are B.A.P., GOT7, BTS, EXO & UKISS
Thanks for your comments @kpopandkimchi and @otakukpopgirl ^^ It's nice to know that people actually enjoy Kpop and its musical aspect :)
This really hits home. People do look at you crazy for liking music in another language/culture! I get multiple confused faces if I mention Kpop, Jpop, Cpop, Latin, or Punjabi, or Pakistani music. Bottom line is I love music. It ignites my life, lifts my heart, and keeps me sane. I don't need to understand the words to love a song! Music has been and always will be a universal language.
Thank you for your outstanding comment. I definitely agree with you with all your pints. People especially look at me weirdly when I say I listen to Punjabi and Paskistani music, though I always tell them I only know a few they still look at me as if I'm an alien.