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#SuperBloodMoon photos by Paweł Uchorczak and others. The best ones I have spotted via Net!

It was such a big event for all the lovers of the science and universe. Get closer to this photo by Paweł, you will not regret!
The incredible... photoshot by Jose Antonio Hervas. How did he do it? Film:
The all the way of De Luna by NIGHTSCAPES.PL
Kuba Jurkowski (LateAtNight) has made this #timelapse. It is worth to watch! Give him a sub!
THANK YOU @JonPatrickHyde...I thought there was some photoshop magic in there. you are seriously the best at this :) @jibarito you’d probably enjoy these images too! you two photographers should meet btw!!
Sorry! one more thing. the images with the mountain and the lightening and clouds. it could be fond one of two ways. it is a given that this sort of photography is always done using a very stable tripod. the camera cannot move for this to work either way. first is to shoot individual frames and the use photoshop to make a composite. the second is way more cool. using a film camera like a Nikon F5, you can do a multiple exposure. the negative never advances. each time you open the shutter the brightest elements of the frame are exposed to the negative. if you do this once every 10 minutes... you would get a final image like this. I hate to disagree with the person who wrote this card. but the image above with the ocean, island, and storm is s photoshop image. if it was film and it was a multiple exposure, the waves on the ocean would look like glass. and the stars in the sky would move relative to the moon. stars move and create trails. the moon is the only thing moving in the sky of this photo. which means this was done with method number 1.
btw... the time lapse is really smooth. so I would guess that their camera was set to 1 frame every 5-15 seconds. any longer than 15 seconds and the clouds start to look like they are skipping.
honestly my new Nikon D4s has a built in intervolometer... in the days of film motion picture cameras time lapse photography for film/video was only possible through the use of a timer control system called an intervolometer. motion picture cameras natively shoot 24 frames a second. The way you change the speed of playback is to adjust the frame rate. If you speed up the frame rate in playback it becomes slow motion. if you slow down the frame rate it plays back at time lapse. Having a high quality full frame SLR (film) or DSLR (digital) that you can program to shoot X number of frames a 1 frame per "x" is a powerful tool. The video in this card looks like several cameras were used (each with different lenses) - some of the video looks like cropped frames - with a Pro-level DSLR you have plenty of data in each frame to allow you to crop the image which has the effect of zooming in. it's a well done video... the editing I is as nice as the photography. It took planning and patience. I had planned a similar time lapse, but the moon would have been already into the eclipse when it rose over the mountains. And the clouds here completely blocked it. I'll try it again in 30 years. :-D. BTW. you can get programmable timers for many digital cameras on the market. it's just really nice when the high end models have that feature built in.
Totally awesome! thanks for sharing!
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Jasa Kirim Barang Jakarta - Daruba, Maluku (0816267079)
Logistik Express Cargo merupakan jasa pengiriman barang dan cargo dengan tujuan Daruba dan juga ke seluruh wilayah Indonesia. Kami menyediakan ongkir ke Daruba yang terjangkau dengan proses yang mudah serta pengiriman yang aman sampai alamat tujuan. Didukung oleh tenaga operasional dan customer service yang berpengalaman pada bidangnya sehingga Logistik Express siap untuk membantu pengiriman barang anda. Ketentuan Logistik Express Ekspedisi Daruba Tarif berlaku untuk pengiriman dari kota ke kota, yakni tujuan ke Daruba, Tarif dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu tanpa pemberitahuan terlebih dahulu. Informasi tarif terbaru bisa langsung menghubungi CS Logistik Express, Biaya asuransi dan packing belum termasuk ke dalam tarif di atas, Barang ringan namun besar, maka akan dihitung berat volume. MACAM MACAM ARMADA PENGIRIMAN 1. Via Udara Jasa Pengiriman via udara banyak dipilih oleh para pengirim barang maupun penyedia jasa ekspedisi karena leadtime pengirimannya yang cepat dan efisien. Namun pengiriman via udara ini juga memiliki ongkir yang lebih mahal daripada pengiriman dengan armada via darat dan via laut. 2. Via Laut Cargo via laut ini kerap menjadi pilihan armada pengiriman barang karena jangkauannya yang luas. Armada cargo via laut ini dapat menjangkau pengiriman antar provinsi dan juga antar pulau. Jika anda menginginkan pengiriman yang aman namun tetap dengan ongkir terjangkau maka cargo via laut ini menjadi pilihan yang tepat untuk anda. 3. Via Darat Cargo via darat dengan armada kereta maupun truk cargo juga banyak dipilih oleh masyarakat yang ingin mengirimkan barang. selain ongkir yang terjangkau, cargo darat ini memudahkan para pengirim untuk melacak posisi barangnya. *CARA MENGHITUNG BERAT VOLUME KIRIMAN DARAT, LAUT, UDARA* Umumnya pengiriman barang pindahan menggunakan hitungan berat Volume. Menghitung berat volume kiriman via darat, laut, dan Udara cukup mudah. Adapun rumus hitungnya sebagai berikut : 1. Rumus Via darat dan laut ( p x l x t : 4000 ) 2. Rumus Via Udara ( p x l x t : 6000) Hasil penghitungan tersebut selanjutnya dapat dikalikan dengan tarif pengiriman setiap wilayah. Keuntungan menggunakan jasa cargo murah ke Daruba antara lain: Efisien waktu dengan jasa pengiriman Estimasi barang sampai cepat Jangkauan luas Memudahkan pengiriman dalam jumlah besar PEMESANAN LAYANAN CARGO BANDUNG Hubungi Kami Untuk Konsultasi Dan Juga Layanan Kiriman Cargo Customer Service Yuni : 0816 2670 79 Email : Ekspedisi Jakarta tual Ekspedisi Jakarta ternate Ekspedisi Jakarta tiakur Ekspedisi Jakarta tidore Ekspedisi Jakarta ambon Ekspedisi Jakarta dobo Ekspedisi Jakarta jailolo Ekspedisi Jakarta pulau kei besar Ekspedisi Jakarta pulau kei kecil Ekspedisi Jakarta namrole Ekspedisi Jakarta masohi Ekspedisi Jakarta langgur
Best Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala
Kerala is the very best honeymoon destination in India. Kerala Honeymoon Packages include genuine ayurvedic experiences to laid back houseboat rides and also these destinations include, Treehouse facing waterfalls in Athirappilly, Tea Gardens in Munnar, and also Houseboat Cruise in Alleppey, and more. Munnar The delectably wonderful slopes of Munnar are one of the most famous special honeymoon destinations in Kerala. Draw nearer to nature while meandering through the consistent region of tea estates, outlandish types of vegetation in Eravikulam National Park and wonderful falls at Pallivasal and Chinnakanal. Partake in your outing significantly more with a stay at the Windermere Estate. Alleppey A definitive heartfelt encounter out traveling to Kerala is being served a newly pre-arranged dinner as you partake in the rich plant life, unending paddy fields, far-off islands, and serene backwaters in a delightful Alleppey houseboat. Kovalam Assuming you have at any point seen a postcard of the state, quite possibly you have gone over the Kovalam ocean side with the milestone beacon behind the scenes. Remain at Kovalam for a casual ocean side occasion with your accomplice as it is one of the best honeymoon places in Kerala. Athirapally Situated a ways off of 60 kilometers from Thrissur city, Athirappally is known and admired for its awe-striking natural beauty. The Athirapally falls are viewed as the best feature of this town, making it one of the most outstanding spots to visit in Kerala for a honeymoon.