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It was such a big event for all the lovers of the science and universe. Get closer to this photo by Paweł, you will not regret!
The incredible... photoshot by Jose Antonio Hervas. How did he do it? Film:
The all the way of De Luna by NIGHTSCAPES.PL
Kuba Jurkowski (LateAtNight) has made this #timelapse. It is worth to watch! Give him a sub!
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@JonPatricHyde Yes, you are right, but I do not wirte it beacuse I thought it was obvious. It is made with photoshop, the first one - 30 photos are put together. The author write about it via his fanpage. The socond one - I do not analysed this in the way you did - thank you for the professional tips! It is very useful fo anyone who is interested in photography or science. It is celar to me that the two of them is the photo-manipulation, but it shows the beauty of ecplipse. The picture by is not photoshoped - only photos are put together.
@joannade - no worries! I get technical questions like these a lot. I teach Photoshop and photography from time-to-time and I get asked "is this real or not".
Loveeeeeee these @nicolejb thank you for the tag ^_^ and for sure, I'm down to meet more artists any day !
The main photo of this card is a similar Photoshop stitch...
@jibarito I am glad you like it! I will post the other compilation of those soon. @JonPatrickHyde GREAT, good to know. I would like to see your portfolio too! :))