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Let's get right to it. Now It took me forever to decide this team. There were many candidates but these six idols proved their worth in my eyes. LET THE SQUAD ASSEMBLE!!!
The Muscle: Taeyang- BIGBANG The member who loves to take his shirt off the most. And for a good reason too!! He will definitely be able to handle anything.
The Brains: Miryo- Brown-Eyed Girls Known to be one of the most smartest Kpop idols. She dropped out of high school and was still able to get into one of the most prestigious schools in Japan.
The Scaredy-Cat: Dongwoo- Infinite The fun-loving, sexy guy with the most heartwarming and then contagious smile. Very optimistic but can't take spooks really well
The Protector/Mother: Jin- BTS Also known as the mother figure of BTS. Will always be there for you and will cook and keep everything organized and tidy. He's also very cute at everything he does!!
The Co- Captain: Minzy- 2NE1 The mankae of the all-girl band 2NE1. Very confident and can lead well. Don't let her small stature fool you. She knows how to open up a can of whoop-ass ;)
The Secret Weapon: HyunA- 4Miniute Very capable and versatile. Can surprise many people depending on her mood. Just don't get on her bad side...
The squad is here!!! And we're ready for anything you throw at us @kpopandkimchi
Good job
omg fighting zombies with dongwoo.....HAHAHAHHAHAHA
thanks but I haven't been doing so well in the challenges tho lol I lost Jin