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Adrian Peterson has always been perceived by many as a "man amongst boys."
Even in high school, Peterson knew he was lightyears ahead of the kids his age. Now in the NFL and playing within the speed of the league, Adrian believes he could have made the jump from Palestine (Texas) High School senior to NFL rookie if he had had the chance to do so.
"Not to sound cocky or anything, or confident, but yeah, I do feel like I could have came out my senior year of high school and played in the NFL,'' Peterson said Monday on a conference call with Denver-area media leading up to Sunday's Minnesota Vikings-Denver Broncos game. "I really do. And I'll just say this, people were like 'well, physically you just weren't ready.' I came in my freshman year and I was up for the Heisman, had a pretty good season, was the leading rusher."
To Adrian's defense, he was very impressive physically and his numbers were gaudy back then as well, for 2,960 yards and 32 touchdowns as a high school senior in 2003 and then went on to rush for 1,860 yards with 15 touchdowns -- 5.9 yards per carry -- as a true freshman at the University of Oklahoma.
High school and college were TOO easy for him. Currently the NFL rules state that a player must play three years of college ball. Do you think that's too long? Should they change the rule?