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so this is my first screenshot game.... here goes....
So for years Daesung and I had been best friends. We had so much in common. I had a crush on him for as long as i could remember.
One day after years of friendship Dae finally confessed to me. He took me out on a date and became my boyfriend.
One day, We got into a huge fight. In an angry rage i left the house. I ran into TOP in the market. he saw my distress and took me someplace less crowded to calm me down. He played a song for me. It was a love song tgat he had written for me. In my anger at Dae and my weakness, I made a mistake and one thing led to another with TOP.
I told Dae what happened the next day and he was enraged (with good reason). We broke up. A month later i found out i was expecting. At that time TOP had moved on and I gave him the option to be in his childs life. Of course he said he would be there and help in any way he could. Our personal relationship ended there.
Through this whole ordeal Taeyang was furious. It was no secret that he liked me and was angry with Dae for leaving me and Even more jealous of the relationship that had formed with TOP and I.
During the pregnancy GD and I talked a lot. He was a great friend to me and helped me whenever I needed it. I never saw him as more than a friend but later, i found outfrom an outside source that he had secretly admired me but felt that he didnt want to seem like he was taking advantage so kept to himself.
After I gave birth to my twin boys, I began to talk to Seungri. He loved to play with the boys and checked in on me often. After the boys first birthday he confessed and asked me out. A few weeks later he set up for TOP to have a week with his sons and wisked me away on a week long cruise.
I quickly fell head over heels for him. A year later he took me on another cruise. He proposed. That winter we were married. We lived happily ever after!
disclaimer: this does not reflect my actual personality butneeded to work with the story!
I love this!
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